A Short Note On Health And Dental Insurance

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Health History Date: August 15th Name: Mr. ZNK Address: 1121 Maryland Avenue, Beltsville, MD 20707 Telephone: 3016554386 Age: 30 Date of birth: April 24,1984 Birthplace: Accra, Ghana Gender: Male Marital status: Single Race: African Religion: Non Occupation: Automotive technician Health insurance: Medical & dental insurance from work Source: Client Reliability: Client is alert to person, place ,situation, and time and is able to provide needed information during assessment Present Health/Illness Reason for seeking care: Medical checkup for frequent urination that started one week ago. Urine amount each time is very small. Daily activities get interrupted and “I am hesitant to drink fluids but that has not prevented it”. Health beliefs and practices: Visit the doctor as often as possible, especially if I feel like something is not right in my body. Health patterns: Try to eat right and exercise regularly Medications: No medications. Tylenol once in awhile for headache Health goals: Work on having annual checkup with my doctor Past History Childhood illnesses: Chicken pox, measles and asthma Immunizations: Had all the childhood vaccines in Accra. Other vaccines like hepatitis vaccine I had in the US Medical illnesses: History of asthma and seasonal flu Hospitalization: None Surgery: None Injury: Sustained a laceration on scalp at age 10 and had a suture. Blood transfusion: None Emotional/psychiatric problems: I get overwhelmed at times with pressure

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