A Short Note On Personal Dilemmas

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By this stage she had been an occupier of her premises for about five years, in turn living with us as a resident to Burncroft Avenue prior to any problems between us all. I and Ozzie had both decided not to allow her access into our own flats, as we could understand she has special needs. We managed to look after her, while treating her like a sister, in a short explanation, as much as she attempted to gain access to our homes, we both discretely presided to both politely declined her entry and stayed adamant in our decision. Thought this time, Debra Andrews never did knock on Stan’s front door, the reason for this was because I believe, she new of Brenda's presence. Eventually, my first living partner also raised a large concern, this…show more content…
The slowdown and Closing of talking to Stan, at this period was just after I said to him that I treat my work serious, so because of this reason, I will be in doors working hard, so if he ever needs any help of me just tell me and I will be there for him. I did find myself helping Stan, at his own requests, this was achieved in helping to complete some following:- 1. A Simple task, like pushing the chair that Stan sits in down the road for him, into his house. 2. Taking Stan to the doctors, after he had fallen over, when closing his curtains. 3. My mother and I shared with Stan, at his house, our boxing day. 4. I had delivered Stan and Debra there Christmas presents early and in time, even low I was finding life hard, as of the police bail conditions and the separate Anti Social Behaviour Order proceedings. Up to date, I have never asked of anything of any other person that lives on my estate, other than respect. Shortly after the trial, I got released to be free from police bail conditions and was then single due to the burglary
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