Unit 2 Essay. Many Times, In Life We Must Make Decisions

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Unit 2 Essay Many times, in life we must make decisions which requires us to ask questions and analyze all possible outcomes before making our final decision. In the movie Soul Surfer, a young surfer named Bethany had to do just that. The film begins in Kauai, Hawaii, where teenager Bethany Hamilton and her parents, Tom and Cheri, along with her two brothers Noah and Timmy are all avid surfers. Bethany’s best friend Alana Blanchard also shares the same passion for surfing that she does. Bethany is an active member of the youth ministry at her church which is under the direction of Sarah Hill. Sarah is organizing a mission trip soon and Bethany must make the major decision of whether to follow her goal of entering a surfing …show more content…

Sometimes the decisions that we make are not our own, although we think they are. I think God had a plan for her life and led her to make the decision. After Bethany recovers from her injury, she learns to surf with one arm and re-enters the competition only to lose. She gets very disheartened from the loss and decides to quit surfing. Later, another mission trip comes up and she decides to go on it. She is paired up with a little boy who has a fear of water so Bethany, using creative thinking, uses her surfboard to coax the little boy into the water. Her idea worked! She realized that she could use her gift of surfing to inspire and help others overcome their fears. This motivated her to take up surfing again and she later wins a national championship. During an interview, she was asked what she would do if she could undo the loss of her arm, her response was, “she would still lose it because she can embrace more people than she ever could with both” (Brookwell, David, Producer, & McNamara, Sean, Director, 2011). Bethany had to make several decisions in her life many of which appear to have had a logical organized approach even though some of the outcomes were not as she expected. Sometimes our hearts desires and goals tend to blind us from the possibilities and potential outcomes of our decisions. We should think both creatively and critically about any situation before a decision is made and consider all possible outcomes.

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