A Short Story : A Story?

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“Do you realize what you have just done to me? You blasted echosmith in my ear, you made me eat fish, made me wear a dress, posted pictures of me in the dress on Facebook or some shit, and you almost stripped me naked against my will! Now tell me if you could love someone after all that? How the hell did you even know about some of that stuff” he said in an annoyed tone. Lillian sighed at this and put her hands on her hips “Let's say I have some connections, now we need to fix that attitude of yours mister man.” she walks over to the chest again, Aiden spoke up. “Wait! Connections? with the Italian mafia or something?” bewildered, Aiden thinks of all the possibilities. Video cameras, audio recordings, was she actually in the room? His brain thought of some ridiculous things until Lillian answered his question and calmed his nerves a little. “I just talked with some girl. Kylin was it?… yeah, that's it. She was an open book, let me tell you.” she said, “She went into amazing detail of how the moans and pants ‘filled the air,’ I can tell she reads a lot of fanfictions,” she finished and remembered she was going to grab something and returned to the task. Aiden made a mental note to smack her as soon as he could. She took a medium length of rope and a strange looking item that had wires attached to it out of the chest. She grabbed his hands, put them behind the chair and tied his wrists together. Aiden was confused but didn't protest because his foot felt like it was

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