A Short Story : A Story?

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She shook her head. “Not at all. It was a pleasure meeting you Sue, and I wish you both all the happiness in the world.” Miranda put on her coat and hugged them both before leaving.
Kyle walked her to the door. “I feel horrible for ditching you, but promise we can raincheck for tomorrow night, anytime you want.”
“We’ll figure something out, don’t worry about me. Go get your girl.”
“I will. Thanks again.” Kyle kissed her cheek and walked back towards Sue who was discussing something with the maître D.
Her plan worked too well and now she was taking a cab home instead of another ride in the Bentley. The ride gave her a chance to think about what she wanted from Chuck. If she was going to move past the affair she wanted to know why it happened, so it would never happen again. The only way to get those answers was to force his hand. Make him spill the beans.
As expected Chuck was waiting in his truck when she arrived, only Kyle wasn’t on her arm. She wanted the joy she saw in Kyle’s eyes, the knowledge that things were working out. Her marriage had to survive this.
She walked into the house without acknowledging him, but she left the front door open. He followed her inside. Once her coat and shoes were removed she turned to face him.
His eyes were big saucers of green as he ate in her appearance. “You look amazing. I’ve been here for hours, I got worried when you weren’t answering my messages.”
“I left my phone at home.” She purposely left it behind so he’d show up. She

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