A Short Story : A Story?

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“Hurry! It’s this way,” The young woman called back to her two companions as they raced up the barren landscape, a dark red, stiff foliage layering over the white soil beneath their feet. “Just over this ridge!” It had been a long journey. They, like thousands of the new world’s inhabitants, had fled to reach the arch to escape what was tearing their world apart. So many had died, Feya and the two younger she brought with her were the only survivors of their once large group of eighty people. So many had died from the rain that fell and the crevices that grew overnight as the planet slowly cracked apart, forcing the group to leave behind those who became trapped on the other side of a small cannon that had sprouted overnight. All the creatures that lived on the planet had nearly vanished as soon as the planet began to die, leaving the many human inhabitants to starve on their journeys. The few twenty who had survived in Feya’s group to reach the mountain had been killed in their rush to ascend the great protruding rock that stood between them and their salvation. Feya’s breath came quickly as her lungs tried to suck in the thin air that surrounded the planet as she reached the top of the steep hill she had been racing up. She wasn't bent over, staring at the red, brittle plant that seemed to infest all of the planet’s crust. It crunched under her companions shoes as they approached behind her, panting just as harshly as their guardian. “I-Is that it?”The youngest
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