A Short Story : A Story?

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His ankles were so broken that the bone was sticking out making a puddle of blood. One day on a foggy and rainy night in a ranch Tucson 2 kids decided to look on their phone while playing Call of Duty. The phone said that there was a killer on the loose that killed with a sword only. The kids didn’t think much of it because they thought it wasn’t near them, so they kept playing.
“ Noooo, how did you kill me I was across the map from you.”Said James angrily.
“ I’m just better than you at everything.” Said Sahara happily
Sahar was winning by a 30 kill lead when they heard a noise on their window. They went to go check but there was nothing there. They decided to go get some snacks after the game. Some of the juice they got spilled on both of their white white jeans and Saharas black lady Gaga shirt, so they went to change. The all of a sudden they heard screams from their siblings. They quickly went to their to find the window open and the kids in the corner of the room.
what happened?” Asked James while looking out the window.
“There was a huge man huge man that had a humongous huge sword that we saw we opened the window and saw a man walking with sword dragging on the floor.” They kids said at the same time.
“ One at a time please or I won't be able to understand you guys.” Said Sahara
“Ok so we saw a huge man carrying a sword. We mainly only saw the sword, but we managed to the the man barely.” Said Jeremy.
James stop looking out the window because his polo shirt

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