Fog Short Story

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I wake up in Dallas… on the street I jump and run out of the street expecting car to hit many any minute, but one never came I waited for ten minutes, before I go look around within five minutes I find Morgan, Charles, and George, they are my best friends. I also notice something I didn’t pay notice to until now, the fog is so thick I can barely see my hands somehow we all find flashlights so we can see and then Morgan disappears, “well, that’s one less person to worry about” I joke Inside I’m freaking out I hope my humor doesn’t make me suspect number one. Ten minutes later we notice something a person we try to run towards him for help but, a deep voice yells “STOP!!!” we all hit the ground it scared us so much we almost died. Then he yelled I’m Jo Lucas you will never escape and leaves into the fog.…show more content…
A computerized voice said “Hello Jo Lucas, would you like to spin the weapon wheel we said yes and a wheel full of weapons popped out we spun it and a three-D printer printed a samurai sword right up front of all of us we realized what we had discovered Jo Lucas was planning to kill us! I kept my wits and by kept my wits, I mean crawled into a ball a cried, holding a samurai sword but, then I realised something we had everything Jo Lucas had and then we had strength in
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