A Short Story : A Story?

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There were days where she barely thought about what happened at that party. Days where she was just Bailey doing exactly what she had always done before that fateful night. Then there were days where sometimes the smallest discrete thing would happen that would bring flashes of it before her eyes. The way someone’s hand moved or the sound of a door locking. She truly wasn’t sure how others coped with such a thing. There had been written statements saying she dragged him off, that it was something she wanted. It had been said to her so many times now that sometimes she actually started to believe it, question herself. There was no therapy for Bailey, she didn’t have the money herself, and her parents said prayer would be plenty and just to make sure to be reading the bible daily. God would help her through this. Welp God didn’t stop Landon coming into the bathroom, did he? Cope? Was that what she was doing? Honestly, Bailey was just doing what she knew how to do. You keep moving, you keep living. One foot in front of the other. Every day it had gotten easier, and she had fallen back into a routine now. There were a few things she knew and she kept reminding herself of. Not all men are the same as Landon. There were going to be bad days, but the good far outweighed the bad. This was not going to hold her back. Bailey had always been generally optimistic and believed the best of people. What happened at the party may have opened her eyes to her naiveness a bit, but she still

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