A Short Story : A Story?

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The next morning I woke up and snuck into the armory making sure that Dad didn't hear me leave the house and making sure that Olivia didn't hear me in the armory. I grabbed a few things and grabbed a pair of keys and took a car. I took the day to go to the hilltop. I arrived to the hilltop and was let in. The first thing I did was I found Maggie to see how she was. I found Sasha first she was sitting on a porch cutting an apple with a knife.”Sasha Hey.” She looked up to me and smiled and I walked up to her and hugged her. She said shakily “Hey.” We pulled apart and I asked “How is she?” Sasha said she hasn’t come out of the doctors yet. I sat down next to her and started to think ‘I’m going to stay here in Hilltop till Negan’s men come here. I’m going to get into one of their trucks and I’m going after Negan.’ I was snapped out of my thoughts with the door opened I stood up and saw Maggie. She looked at Sasha and smiled then her eyes met mine. “Hey Maggie.” I said sadly and she said “Hey Hayden.” I walked up to her and hugged her “How’s the baby?” She said “I’m fine the baby’s fine too.” Sasha, Maggie and I walked to the main house. We ran into Jesus he looked at me weird and asked “Does Rick know you’re here?” I nodded my head “Yeah Dad knows I’m here I was worried about Maggie so I came to check on her.” I said with a smile. Jesus nodded and gave me a look that said that he wasn’t convinced but we carried on Maggie, Sasha and Jesus did there own thing planing on how to
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