A Short Story : A Story?

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“I had a dream I was seven, climbing my way up a tree. I saw a piece of heaven, waiting, impatient, for me,” she mumbled. Ellissa pushed the covers away from her and stood up from the bed. Barefoot, she stumbled toward her bathroom and stood in front of her sink. The baby blue wallpaper with white cherry blossoms in her small bathroom greeted her as warm sunlight filtered in through the tiny window. She pushed her dark hair away from her face to stare at her reflection in the mirror. An array of tiny freckles was splattered across her nose and cheekbones, resembling star constellations in a pale sky. Her eyes were big, gray specks in her pale face. They were storms in her frail form ready to start thundering at any moment. Ellissa opened the tap and washed her face, drying it with a small white towel next to the vanity. Yawning very widely, she went back to her room to get dressed. Unlike her colorful imagination, Ellissa’s bedroom was almost bare. The walls were painted a light beige to match her bed sheets, and there were no decorations. There was a large painter’s canvas on a stand next to a large window. Stepping over the sketch pads on the floor, Ellissa walked to the window and opened it, a gentle breeze moving her sheer curtains. She breathed in the fresh air and stared out across the meadow. The sun was rising― the sky painted in streaks of purple, blue, and gold, and she could hear the early birds chirping. Oh, how the view gave her life! Just a year below being a

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