A Short Story : A Story?

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Lucy, startled, sat bolt upright in bed. She stood there puffing for a moment, before lying back down, the old bed creaking under her weight. Her mind was racing. The strange woman in her dream seemed so familiar that she could have sworn it was - Peter entered the room, interrupting her thoughts. "Breakfast is ready!" he said, his warm smile lighting up the room. ⃝ Lucy's eyes wandered to the large dining room window and she began to admire the luscious garden of the castle in Narnia. This always calmed her. "Mind passing the butter please Luc?" Susan asked, "Lucy…Lucy…LUCY!" Lucy tore her eyes from the garden and focused back on reality. "Sorry, I…. I… I have something on my mind." "Really?" Edmund laughed sarcastically. She sucked in a deep breath. "I think I saw our mother in my dream last night." The silence was deafening. Lucy could feel all eyes on her. No one knew what to say. It seemed to go on forever. And ever. And ever. The silence was broken when Peter finally spoke. "Look," he said, "we decided to stay in Narnia because we knew that time wouldn’t pass in the outside world and to be completely honest I don’t think that I am ready to leave just yet. Whoever this 'mother' person is can't change that." "Mother person?!" Lucy shouted, suddenly getting angry. "You don’t remember her?" "No!" Peter threw his napkin on the dining table, stood up and marched out of the room in a rage. "I'll go alone then." Lucy said quietly to the others.

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