A Short Story : A Story Of A Story

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“Get out here and fight like a man!” Allen bellowed.
Phoenix kept his head down as containers and papers were flung off the storage table he was seeking solace under. He completely missed the fact that his amulet had slid out of his back pocket and was now laying on the floor. His eyes widened when he seen it laying there discarded, every time the other boy took a step he flinched, afraid that the heavy footed jerk would step on it and shatter it. Slowly he reached his arm out as far as he could, trying to hook one of his fingers around the small silver chain.
“Argh” he hissed as a cleated shoe came down on top of his wrist, something definitely snapped there.
“What do we have here?” Allen snorted “fairy princess with his fairy necklace?”
He picked it up and waved it in front of Phoenix’s face before twirling it in his fingers.
“Gross, you and Ellie in the same sort of freak club or something?” he laughed “all good, now she has another necklace, this will get me laid”
There was that name again, the girl who was showed him to his class, Ellie, he wondered if that could have been his old friend, the girl he used to sit on the swings with back in Kryslee and share his juice pops with. The thought excited and scared him at the same time, of course he wanted to see her but they weren’t meant to be in the same place it’d make it too easy for the Larks to track them down. Hurried footsteps approaching had Allen stuffing his amulet in his hoodie pocket and speed walking out the

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