Short Story : We Can Still Run?

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“Mike” Phoenix gasped his eyes going wide “we can still run!” “What are you thinking Phoenix?” Mike questioned, clearly looking for any way out right now. Phoenix held up a small pure white stone, Mike had told him to keep it in his pocket but seemed to have forgotten it existed in the heat of the moment. “Ok, if we’re going to use them you need to get everyone to the garage first” “Uncle Mike I need to know what they are” he replied glancing back to the doorway “no secrets” “It’s a Glorgan stone Phoenix, for fast escapes” “That doesn’t tell me anything!” “Mites Phoenix! the size of dust the Larks will breathe them in and they’ll eat them from the inside out but they can’t tell the difference between good or bad so be careful!” “You …show more content…

“Just leave me” came the shaky mumbled voice came from between them “hand me over, they’ll leave you alone you can get away” he spat the rock onto the ground, Phoenix letting go of him to swoop it up. Allen shook his head “no way man we don’t negotiate with terrorists” “Allen’s right” Phoenix stated, tightening his grip “One of Mike’s biggest rules was to never trust a Lark, they’ll take you and come back within an hour to finish us off as well and then they have four amulets” “Five” Carter hissed in pain “mine, yours, Ellie’s, Joelle and Jupiter” “No, Jupiter is in some sort of prison” “An Elark prison” Carter groaned before heaving his stomach up onto the floor, Allen shut his eyes and looked away as the contents of Mar’s stomach mixed with the water spreading out over the floor. “You don’t think they’d really catch her without taking her amulet do you? Phoenix paled at the thought that if things went wrong right now, if their plan failed then the Larks would already be half way to success, half way to complete world destruction or domination and Judging from the state of Daniel and Destiny he didn’t see them as being trained enough to even fight off one of

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