A Short Story : A Story?

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As a kid, Davey never understood why he always got in trouble for the words scrawled in beautiful cursive on his wrist. Shit, sorry! After a teacher would scold him for the words that were written, he remembered his mother having to visit the school and explain. Explain what? He wasn't quite sure. His older sister Sarah told him that the words written on his skin were the first words his soulmate would say to him. But he never knew why it was so bad if it was what his soulmate said. When highschool came around, Davey was beyond frustrated with the words written on him. He could've gotten anything else, but now whenever someone discovers the writing they burst into laughter. Over the years, he learned to instinctively hide his wrist from people whenever they passed by. "It's so annoying, Sarah!" Davey groaned, leaning back in his bed while his sister stifled her laughter. "Yeah it's," She paused, giggling. "It's not fun, is it?" Sarah hadn't met her soulmate yet either, but at least the words on her wrist weren't something she had to hide. Oh, you're Davey's older sister? "Of all the things they could've said, they had to swear?!" Sarah shrugged. "It all depends on how you meet. For all you know, their swearing could be perfectly justifiable." Davey stopped, thinking for a moment. "I wonder what's written on them..." "Probably you being a total dweeb." "Sarah!" Sarah burst out in laughter, covering her mouth with her hand. Two weeks had passed, and
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