A Short Story : A Story?

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It was was a normal night as usual for Phil and his family. Wash up, eat dinner, say a prayer and go to bed. However, the peaceful night would suddenly devolve into terror at their house. The whole family went to sleep that night and Phil could not fall asleep, so he went to get a glass of water, his mouth was dry, and proceeded toward the kitchen. He looked at the dark night sky and saw something in the shadows, a bright light. however he responded to this unusual bright light with a melancholy demeanor. Phil went upstairs and walked into his room and laid back down on his bed, next to his wife, his children downstairs in their rooms sleeping happily forever. Phil fell asleep, however a few minutes later Phil woke up struggling to breath, smoke in the air, and heat nearly burning his flesh as the house was engulfed in flames. To most many would react in a startled manner, however Phil didn’t think anything a just remained in bed almost willing to die as he knew his family would die as well. It was the last worldly gasps of breath that Phil would take as a mortal being. Phil, oddly woke up the next day, however his house was untouched by flames, and his family was still alive. In normal routine, he ate breakfast, got dressed, put his coat on and went to work in his ‘67 Chevy Camaro, a personal vehicle he had owned for a while, but treasured dearly. Phil got in his car and drove on his daily route to work. On the the way to his job, Phile entered a tunnel that was normally

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