A Short Story : A Story?

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As I returned from my walk I hear voices, her voice seemed different; like she was relaxed and happy for once. I slammed the door open,”What are you doing,” I screamed. While grabbing the first thing I could find, two glass bottles, and stormed over to Van and whatever her name is.”You should learn that I always get my way. Be quiet and don’t fight me. You will be fine if you do what I tell you to do when I tell you.”I lifted up the first bottle and struck her first, but as it shattered over her head I heard a shriek of a high pitched noise right before she passed out. I stumbled back, stunned that such a horrid noise could come from such a small being. I just stared at her; she looked sad, but what did I care, this was fun. I picked up the other bottle and started to walk towards Van, he just looked at me and said,”Please no, please.” He was out within seconds of being hit.

Now I have a mess to clean up, this is the worst part of my job. But it’s amazing to see what I am capable of doing. Myst has been here long enough that I’ve had to alter her appearance and the only time I can do that is when she is “asleep”. I went to my workshop and grabbed my tools, scissors, clothing, nail clippers, and hair dye. It was time to change their looks.

Myst is this beautiful creature, bright blue eyes, long brown hair, and these beautiful nails. I started changing her restraints, from duct tape and rope around her ankles and wrists to just duct tape so that I didn’t have to go buy more

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