A Short Story : A Story?

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I looked up at the blinding-blue sky. I looked at the swaying trees. I looked at the surrounding people, who were strolling around, chatting. I looked down, at the cracked bricks that served as a path. I was discouraged to discover that nothing was different. Nothing had changed. No secret passages opened to a rich palace, no booby trap had swallowed me up to trap me in an ancient dungeon. There was nothing magic or amazing or life-changing about this button. I sighed, downhearted. I knew I had gotten my hopes up too much; I always did. I knew that Mom and dad would be expecting me home soon. I started to saunter home. That's when I started seeing things. As the sun was setting, I saw a red, parrot-like bird that I would describe as a Firebird. A red bird in California? Weird. As I eventually managed to throw myself inside, the sky was turning a deep blue-purple. "Liv! dinner's ready!" Mom called. We had a dinner of spaghetti. I slept peacefully that night, not remembering the red bird. As I rose up the next morning, I had a sense of dread. Only 9 days until school would begin. Better make the most of these days. With that, I sprung out of bed, got ready to go outside, and I bolted out of my room. I jumped down the stairs, wrote a note to Mom and Dad, and I swept out of the house. As soon as I went outside, I knew something was off. The world of my peaceful neighborhood was loud. I heard whispers, whispers from the trees, the animals, the fish. I

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