A Short Story : A Story?

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Joseph can't remember the last time he did this ,but with Sebastian up on his feet again. He just had to. He opened a draw that smelled of blood. At the bottom was a razor blade with dried blood on it. Joseph removed his glove showing two others scars on his hand. He shuts his eyes but digs it into his pale skin with the razor saying slight curses to himself. “This is what you get for being useless, and the crush you have on Sebastian.” Small tears can't help but fall down his pale cheeks. Then he heard the silent ring of his phone from another room. Joseph quickly washed off the blood and put his glove back on twice as fast. He sighed a little seeing Sebastian's number. “Hello Seb.” He said trying to sound cheerful. “Hey Joseph I wanted to see if everything's ok?” Sebastian asked. Joseph got a little scared. Did Sebastian know about his little pass time? “You just seemed kinda down today that's all.” Sebastian said with concern clear in his voice. “Oh yeah I'm fine don't worry. I was just heading to bed.” He hear a sigh though the phone. Sebastian knew he lying. “Alright good night” “Good night Seb.” Joseph put his phone down sighing staring at his gloved hands. He got up getting ready for bed. Once he was in bed he looked at his gloveless hands again sighing before falling asleep. Crying like every other night. When Sebastian came into the office it was no surprise that Joseph was already there working. He sighed and sat as his own
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