A Short Story : A Story?

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Now, covered in sweat, the familiar feeling of suspicion and distrust surged inside him. He’d endured so much ridicule that he was distrustful of new situations, so he’d learned to pull back, observe and regroup before entering a situation. He needed to hide and keep his head down. He needed to leave the dock until he figured out what to do next. He’d learned to fade from view when he needed to escape. Bile rose in his throat. He felt queasy and clammy. “Mister, you okay?” Jake refocused on little Marbles’ face. “I guess I might be a little hungry.” The boys were watching him closely as he pulled out a large handkerchief and mopped his face. He cleared his throat. “That’s a shame. I needed to do business with him.” He took another deep breath and asked, “So, how long’s he been missin’?” “I don’t rightly know,” answered Marbles. “Want me to run and get you a paper?” Jake nodded and gave the boys several coins. Once they were out of sight, he lit up a cigarette and tried to recall all he knew. Glenn was expecting Jake and would not have left port unless there was some urgency. He closed his eyes as his mind raced. I need to telegram my parents. Glenn would never have left port without letting them know. A few moments later, the boys returned with the local paper and Jake read the short article on the Amelia printed on the front page of the Beaufort Gazette. Beaufort, NC — The schooner Amelia set sail from Beaufort Harbor en route for Bristol, Rhode Island on April

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