A Short Story : A Story?

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The dormitory room was dark and stuffy, the sounds of heavy sleepers snoring echoing about the room. It seemed peaceful enough. In fact, some students had their things packed early and their suitcases laid next to their beds, some neat and flat while others have lumps and clothing sticking out the zipper. Most students would be ecstatic for the coming of Christmas and family, gifts and candy, Sadly Blythe wasn’t one of these happy students, she dreaded the coming holiday. It would be the first holiday without her father. She had suffered several without her mother but she was utterly alone this time. She found her heart aching. Not only couldn’t she see her family but most of her House family were leaving as well, off to go enjoy their mothers and fathers, aunts and uncles. Blythe couldn’t believe the holiday could be so empty. If someone had told her little mind that this was possible she would have laughed and spat at them. But it was true. It was dreadfully lonesome. As the other house members snored she slowly rose to her bare feet, her nightwear, which was a simple baggy shirt and some loose PJ pants, falling down her legs and swaying momentarily before moving with her own movements and not against them. She walked to the edge of her bed and kneeled down, reaching to pull out her hairbrush. She didn’t even stand up but instead quickly brushed the knots out of her platinum blonde hair, letting it curl on its own and become a natural messy, but cute, wave. She shoved

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