A Short Story : A Story?

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The war was raging on. People fighting, animals ripping flesh, it just was never enough. The girl that was half vampire and half wolf was the cause of it all. I didn’t know it at the time, but I would soon be the end of it all as well.
When I woke up every morning I was alone. I had been like this my entire life. I ran out of the cold tree house I had built right next to the castle where I grow up. Then I started to walk around for hours until I saw someone in the busses…. It was a wolf! I had known my entire life not to trust anyone, at least that was what my mom told me before she passed away. I looked at the man, he was wearing a green shirt with tanish pants. Well I had nothing better to do and I was kinda lost because I was walking forever, I decided to spy on him. Nothing weird here. But then he spoke.

“Who’s there?!” he questioned.

“Uhhh sorry sir!” I said back as I tried to tiptoe away.

He looked over the bush to find me creeping away. I turned around to see that our eyes met and then he spoke again.

“Well are you just gonna stand there?” he said as his hands moved down to his sides, “ my name's Link what’s yours?”

“Hylea.” I answered with caution.

From then on we kinda just stuck together. Meaning we didn’t leave each others side for a little while. But after a couple of days we ran into some trouble. There has been a pack of vampires just waiting to sink their teeth into people. But what they didn’t know was that I was half vampire so it wouldn’t do

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