A Short Story : A Story?

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When the next cycle started the night mist started to get burned off by the rising of the suns. Jovic looked at Meredith and decided then and there that she was the one he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. He rose slowly from the comfy moss that they had been lounging on all-night and offered her a hand to rise as well. She accepted the help gratefully and with the grace and beauty of a dancer she got up and stared deep into his eyes with admiration. He held her gaze and in a moment of passion fueled confidence he bent forward to give her a kiss. She returned the advance and then there was a different kind of stars that had filled his head. They walked slowly back to town and had breakfast at the same little pub that was now an eating establishment. He ordered some Jama-juice and an omelet of avian eggs and wild fungi and Meredith got a fruit bowl and some Anacardi juice. They sat talking until mid-day and then Meredith said she had better return home figuring her elderly mother was probably worried sick about where she had been all night. Jovic paid the tender and they left. Starting back the way they had come from Jovic walked her to her door hand in hand and when they arrived he asked when he could see her again. Meredith smiled and said she was free tomorrow and every night after that. Jovic smiled back and said he would see her tomorrow and that he already missed her. He gave her one last kiss and she disappeared inside behind a slowly closing door

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