A Short Story : Can You Change With Me?

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“Can I help you?” Eve asked with her full moon eyes wide as she tugged impatiently on my clothes. My hand moved immediately to stop her, it was a brand new sweater. “Not right now, this recipe is too complicated.” I said, arranging measuring cups on the cool granite countertop, making sure everything was just right. “Why don’t you go play with Alex? You can have some of the souffle once I’m done.” “Alex is being mean to me.” “Hmm… that’s too bad.” Eve said nothing for a bit and there was a long pause. I preheated the convection oven to exactly 350 degrees fahrenheit and started mixing and measuring the flour. “Can we make cookies?” *** “Nico, do you want to make sugar cookies with me?” Momma called poking her head around the door to …show more content…

Her long slender hand covered my small chubby one like a cocoon. When the dough was done, we licked the whisks and they tasted like our very own sweet secret. *** “So we need the butter to be soft, can you put it in the microwave for just a couple seconds?” I said when Eve had finished screeching a chair across the floor to stand on to reach the counter. “I know what do.” she replied with a mischievous smile that held a glint of genius. I handed her the butter watched in horror as she promptly sat on it. “Eve, what are you doing?!” I said aghast. “Softening the butter.” she said smiling from ear to ear, “Squawk! I’m a chicken. Look I laid some butter!” she grinned, as proud as any hen would be preening her feathers. We both broke into laughter and it made the kitchen ring. The mixer had broken years ago so we creamed it by hand. Taking turns and enlisting the help of Alex, in exchange for some dough, we finally managed to get the butter and sugar as soft and fluffy as clouds in summer. Eve cracked the eggs into the bowl and I fished out the shells as she shakily measured out the flour. White clouds billowed out and made us cough when she dumped it in. I showed her how to set the oven to the right temperature and we tried to not eat too much dough as we shaped it into balls. Our hands were sticky, Eve paused every now and then to lick her hands, I had to wash them each time.

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