A Short Story

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Sick fate, twisted punishment for something they must have done in order to wind up somewhere so terrible as this cement prison. Humans were cruel… Poking and prodding at open wounds and making new ones were old existed. It felt like years in this personal hell. Most of the time the young creature stayed tucked in the very corner as far as he could get from the outside for it was the inside for them. Fear dripped from his body in waves nearly as thick as syrup. He was scared and he had every right to be. Watching them murder so many… The images have haunted him since the night it had happened. Blood… Gunshots… Thoughts eased into his mind like a bad dream, making everything a dark place he couldn’t hide from. Mother… Father… People …show more content…

A yelp mixed whine escaped his jaws as the wolf broke into a run sliding past the mans legs and bolting as fast as he could manage without running into much, disappearing into the dark of the thick brush of the forest. Fear was in his movements, his mind… Smells of my own pack mixed with north threw my instincts in whack with my overwhelming sense of pain and terror. It offered little comfort to see the swirling midst of river they had to pass through to get to Levi and the others that had escaped faster then he. Not trusting his weaker wolf form Elisia transformed into his human form, wading through the water, his clothes clung to his skin and the small male let his skin quiver with the chill the water brought but washed away some of the blood on his body. Sliding through the water, he was carried a bit from the group as his feet dug into the mud and rocks at the river's bottom. Elisia wasn't too good at much physical obstacles being he was handicapped on one side of his face where his useless blind eye that sat in the socket of his head. Coughing as water filled his jaws he climbed out of the water, quivering and shaking as he sat in the rocks of the river bank. Elisia sat there a moment taking sharp shaky breaths through pale lips, not daring to move a moment. Slowly and surely Elisia glanced to the group not too far from his current location at the river’s edge, water ran from his hair and made trails on his light scarred

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