A Short Story

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Ed leaned in to peer at hood of the deep blue Mercedes Benz. He wore a well-loved overcoat and khakis that had at one point been a brighter color but had long ago turned dark. Touching the finely waxed hood, he gazed at his reflection, warped and bent. He was not a tall nor a short man, and he was lean and weathered. Though his hair was naturally rather tidy, it had been awhile since he had buzzed it, the waves of hair tumbling around his face. Two bright eyes peered out from the mass of strands, watching the world go by. Day in, and day out, he saw crowds of people hustle through their busy lives in downtown Seattle. They would hurry in to their high tech jobs, and sit in their high tech cubicles, eating their high tech lunches and …show more content…

Her hand was on her hip, and a smart smile was spread across her face. She was short but her dark hair was not. It was tied back, collected underneath a beanie. Her patchwork clothes created a mosaic of different colors and textures. “Did I catch you dreaming? I can let you pop back in for a few more minutes if you want.” A grin crept onto Ed’s face, and he shook his head, “No absolutely not, I was just making sure it was locked before work.” They laughed and Ed put his arm around Ana’s shoulders. They walked down the street, both of their bellies empty and smiles on their faces. “Are we going to church today, Ed?” “Today and every day, of course”, he replied. They walked on past a group of street performers, and stopped to listen to the music - the artists predictably shifted their performance away from Ed and Ana to a group of families nearby who had paused, vanilla lattes and hot teas in hand. One of the women in the group dropped a five into the open guitar case. Ana caught Ed by the arm. “Wait here”, she grabbed an old newspaper out of a bin and tore off a bill sized section. “Thank you gentlemen, for your extraordinary performance.” She curtsied and dropped the piece of paper into the case. “Don’t spend it all in one place now!” She and Ed continued to mosey down the street. “You sure showed them”, he said, chuckling to himself and smiling at her. “No, I’m giving the gentlemen what they want! Small pieces of paper! Ones that lots of people touch

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