A Short Story

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This story is going to be about a woman who tried her best at something that no one else in her family tried to do. To those who knew her, she was a stubborn woman who didn't like to determine her life based on what others wanted her to do. She led her own way through life, she had moments where she made mistakes but she learned and carried on in life. This is the story of a family woman from Ewa Beach who wanted to further her education for her family.
She knew what it was like to be brought up with family and financial struggles so she wanted to make sure her family wouldn't struggle. She had grown up in a house where the focus was less on getting a good education and more on taking care of each other and making sure her siblings were fed. Despite her background and the many trials this woman went through, from getting married to her high school sweetheart and to having kids at a young age. Eventually she was given an opportunity, from her work, to go to school again like she always wanted. Being the type of person, seeing a chance to better herself she took the opportunity to learn like she always wanted.
So, she went to leeward she had to get used to the new surroundings being back in school. Something that she hadn’t been around for more than a few years. Being surrounded by young people straight out of high school when you are so much older can be very intimidating and might make average people feel out of place. Luckily, she's not an average person and she saw it as a

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