A Short Story

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A solitary figure crossed the royal prison courtyard, his strides as purposeful as the reasons for visiting the penitentiary during the stale midnight hours. His slinky, weasel like features instantly became the source of ridicule from the quartet of guards standing at the entrance gate. The combination of their whispered insults and contemptuous laughter as the lanky man approached, were not well concealed. Without a doubt their lack of discretion was purposefully intentional and, obviously, the insults were blatantly meant to be overheard. All four guards remained at ease, unbothered and unwilling to come to attention even as the stranger stood directly in front of them and waited for some sort of response. The visitor surveyed the …show more content…

The abusive guard now wore a face of shock and surprise, unsure of what else to say. Should I apologize to the little weasel and beg forgiveness, hoping the Queen will not know of this incident? the guard pondered. “Let him through!” was all he could muster. Gliding past the guards, the visitor thought nothing could wipe the smile from his face. The satisfactory feeling of besting Her Majesty’s most formidable sentries with mere words instead of sword, felt satiating and palpable. On entry into the bowels of the dungeon, the air changed drastically into a foul cloud of rot. Its smell wiped the smirk from the visitor’s face rather quickly. It stank rather badly of indescribable odors. Even for a man who had spent years living on the back streets of London, smelling its piss and shit, stepping into vomit and over scores of dead rats, working its filthy streets up until the day Master Dorne had hired him, this place was intolerable. A Jailer escorted the visitor through row after row of caged inmates. Some quiet, afraid, and withdrawn from everyone. Others crazed, obnoxious and wild. They hooted and hollered, violently reaching out for his clothing. As covered in dirt as they still were, his garments looked brand new in comparison to theirs. The rows of single cages ended abruptly and broke off into a smaller hall lined

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