A Short Story Of A Book : Finding Out '

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| Prologue: Finding Out |

Creekroot fluffed up his already short fur as the chilly wind brushed through it. He was sitting with his tail over his front paws and head tilted slightly backwards to look at the night sky. He enjoyed watching the stars. The stars of his fallen friends and family. Creekroot begged in his mind that they would give some sort of sign of hope for his Clan. . . . He clenched his teeth as the dreadful reality of his Clan’s doom overwhelmed him. The silver, mackerel tabby tom let his head slowly hang before letting out a soft, nostalgic sigh. His breath puffed up into a large ball of water vapor. All Creekroot wanted was for things to go back to normal. He closed his eyes as he realized that wouldn’t be the case. …show more content…

Yes, his former home was gone, but they were still together. That’s what mattered. He turned his eyes over to look at her. The tom blushed even more. That was the beautiful she-cat he had fallen in love with and agreed to spend the rest of their lives together. Her gaze was focused on the stars up in the cold, night sky. It looked as if she was hoping that somehow they would keep the Clans together. Creekroot was entranced by Curlyblossom’s looks before he broke from her spell by looking down at his cold paws. He closed his eyes to think about her question some more.

Finally giving a reason, he softly spoke, “They destroyed our home. However,” he paused, “they didn’t destroy our Clan’s pride or comradery. We’re still together, and it’ll be that way. Until our dying breaths.” Creekroot sighed, hoping the answer was enough for his elusive mate. Hearing a purr begin to rumble from her, the tom rested his head on Curlyblossom’s. His breathing and heart rate slowed down as the world seemed to be frozen in time.

After what felt like moons, Creekroot piped up, “It’s getting quite late. Would you like to sleep here or back in the camp?” He took his head off of Curlyblossom’s as he gazed into her hazel eyes, waiting for her response.

Curlyblossom had wanted to hear him say that. Purring, she giggled, “Out here, of course! Being near the stars is what brought us together.” Creekroot chuckled and carefully

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