A Short Story

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Words such as desire; hungry; needy; and wanting suddenly sprang to mind as each step brought Lillian closer to him. She couldn't take her eyes off him; what was even crazier was that she didn't want to. In fact, all she wanted was to get to know him. Life was too short to wonder what would have; could have; or, should have. Thinking so wantonly brought a deep blush to otherwise pale cheeks. The smile that had appeared upon seeing him first hadn't dimmed. If anything, it had become brighter. Brazenly, Lillian walked right up to him, close enough that she could smell the clean scent that exuded from his very being. The blush deepened as his eyes traveled over her. Lillian realized that she enjoyed the way he was looking at her. Like he …show more content…

"Nice to meet you Louis." With reluctance she let her hand drop from his slowly. Her thoughts went crazy for a brief moment and tongue became twisted as she strove to say something, anything, to keep his attention as well as his company. But he said something first, "Nice enough service so far. Your Father knows how to get everyone riled up, doesn't he?" Lillian started giggling before it turned into soft laughter, "Yes," she began, blue eyes shimmering with amusement, "He does know how to do that. He's good at riling," lifting a shoulder in a light shrug, "I'm glad you came," smiling at him, "I was hoping you would. You are staying for the meal, yes? We have more than enough, and I'd like you to stay. Perhaps we can sit together and talk?" Glancing down at the floor a moment then back to him, "Are you staying long?" She remembered a little from when she had seen him at the store, "I mean, I know it’s none of my business, but... I know you're not from around here. A big city? Have you been to many places?" Her voice carried an edge of excitement to it. She noticed that there weren't that many people left and those that had remained were staring hard in her direction. Lillian shuffled from one foot to the other and was about to say something more when Millie and her husband appeared. She gave Lillian a quick hug then said, "Your Mother's looking for you, Lillian."

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