A Short Story : The Essay-A Story?

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Two days later the sky turned black and a constant and cold rain started. At the beginning, Anatoly tried to cover from the water as much as possible but after a week of a world transformed by liquids, he stopped looking after his clothes and his gear, and tried to adapt to the new environment. It wasn't easy, especially because they weren't able to cook the food they collected. It was depressing. Everything they consumed was cold. Chiquito seemed not to care but Anatoly became a sad and quiet person. To complement their emptiness, the vegetation around them became denser with every step they took. It was the jungle. Everything was covered by shades cast by the dim light of a distant sun. One afternoon when Anatoly had lost track of the time, he asked Chiquito: “Where have all the sounds gone?” But he didn't pay attention to his partner´s answer because his mind was busy trying to separate the hours from the years. Next morning they walked up to a cliff. From the top, it looked like it was about 30 meters deep. Anatoly felt he didn't have enough energy to face it. “We are very near.” Chiquito said. “I don't think I can make it.” Anatoly answered. “Besides, with the rain and the waterfall it's even more difficult to climb down safely.” He was right. Even taking into account that the quantity of water that formed the string wasn't considerable, it was constant; and it meant that the surroundings were dangerously slippery. Anatoly thought about the

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