Short Story : ' Into The Deadening Mist '

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Onward, into the deadening mist. Braving the foreboding elements with nothing but flesh, leather and steel. He has said his prayers, and now, as always, he is ready to face his gods with sword in hand. He mused to himself “If I do not return, I will be feasting in the halls of my father’s gods, if I do return, I will be feasting on the juiciest boar that gold can buy.” In either case the glory that Steiner had always dreamed of is now his for the taking. Ever since Steiner was a young man, and held his grandfather’s sword for the first time, he had wondered…”Will they sing of my great deeds throughout the realm for next 1000 years to come?”. Five days into his journey, and low on rations, whilst stepping down the cold wet path, with…show more content…
Commonly known as a bastard sword, which he wore proudly sheathed across his back in defiance of his father 's ways. His father was a Paladin master who would never allow such a sword in his yard.
As a youth, Steiner spent most of his time under the careful tutelage of Mandal, his father 's master of arms. Making him well trained in both sword and battle axe. As he became of age, Steiner was a worthy swordsman but his recklessness and inability to follow rules made him unworthy to serve in his father 's Paladin Corp. With too much good nature to become a mercenary and too much sense of adventure to remain idle, Steiner turned his hand heroism. It paid good gold and gave him plenty of beasts to kill, which he loved. Yet what he dread the most was to be forgotten as another nameless fool in search of glory. At the edge of the village he found the entrance to the mountain trail. There was still a few hours before the dawn would fully lift, which made the going slow. But the gradual movement allowed time to limber up. This region was known for its’ tall Oaks. The locals called them Angel Oaks because of their vast branch span which gave them the appearances of angels with their mighty wings fully spread. Their large protruding roots with thick bows, some hanging to the ground others arching high weaved a canopy of green shaggy leaves. This forest was old, the oaks were clothed with moss thick and dank.

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