A Short Story : The Story Of A Rose

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On one cold winter night by the oven-warm fire sat five children who had become friends and experienced a christmas miracle. Before that let’s take it back to a couple months before all that happened .One day in the autumn an old gentleman had gone away, and had rented his house to a family of little American children. Their mother was awfully sick so they moved from the U.S. to Italy. Then the next day they went to their backyard garden and they danced and sang. One day they’re kitten ran away and they chased after it to a big wall and saw big black eyes looking through the hole in the stones they were frightened and did not speak to the girl .The next day she was there again, and Rose, the oldest girl, went up to the wall and talked to her a little while. The girl told Rose that she had no kind father, no big brother or sister, and no sweet baby to play with and love. Her and her mother lived all alone in an old stone house that looked on a dark. They were very poor, and the mother was away from home almost every day, washing clothes and scrubbing floors, and working hard to earn money for her little girl . When the children found that she had no one to play with and was very lonely, they talked to her every day, and often brought her fruits and candies, and passed them through the hole in the wall they even pushed the kitten through but the hole was hardly large enough for her, and she mewed and scratched and was very much frightened. So then the father broke away an

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