A Short Story : The Story Of Ariel's Story

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On a lavish land which bloomed with coconuts and mangoes, lived a young girl, Ariel and her family. Ariel's grandmother, her father, king of the island, her five sisters as well as the the few hundred people on the island had been living in peace for hundreds of years. The widowed kings’ aged mother took charge of the home as well as of her granddaughters. The island and the people lived in peace because they stayed within the limits of their comfort zone, they didn't dare go beyond the few miles they sailed for fish. Ariel, a few days from turning 15 was beyond thrilled that she could finally swim past the shore, beyond the safe space for children, although her father was very protective, and had begun to question whether or not to allow Ariel this opportunity, but it was a matter of tradition. On the day of princess Ariel's fifteenth birthday, her grandmother granted her the permission to swim beyond the childrens limits, however, she had to promised to tell the others what she saw on her first visit, and what she thought the most beautiful; for their grandmother could not remind her granddaughters enough; there were so many things on which they wanted information. Ariel agreed, and spent the entire day and night out in water until she felt she was part of it herself. Later when Ariel came back from her adventure, she began to tell her grandmother of her experience, saying,“I know that I shall love the world there, and all the people who live in it.” Well, now, you are

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