A Short Story : The Story Of Daniel Camargo

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Background Daniel Camargo was born to a well-off family living in Anolaima, Colombia on January 22, 1930. His father, Daniel Camargo Briceño, was a businessman and his mother, Teresa Barbosa, was his father's second wife. Camargo also had an older half-sister, who was the daughter to his father’s first wife. When Camargo was two years old, his mother died and his father remarried. Camargo was very intelligent and did well in school. It was said that he had an IQ of over 160. However, whenever he tried to ask his father about anything, regardless of the topic, he would cut him off and tell Camargo that he was pathetic. Ultimately, Camargo would lose any interest in interacting with his dad. Daniel would go on to master the ability to lie and manipulate people. He used this talent as a means to get out of having conversations with his father. Because his father was so focused in his business, it led to him being psychically and psychologically detached from Daniel. As a result, his stepmother, Dioselina Fernandez, mostly influenced Camargo’s childhood. As a juvenile, Dioselina was infatuated with the idea of having children, specifically a daughter. Unfortunately she was unable to have any children. This made her even more obsessed. She loved her stepdaughter but hated her stepson, who she would punish by forcefully taking his clothes off from the waist down and hitting in the butt with a bullwhip. After developing violent tendencies, he would frequently get into fights at

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