A Short Story : The Story Of Monsieur Apricot?

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Monsieur Apricot
Sizzle, sizzle. Pop! That would be the onion burning on the stove. Monsieur Apricot hoped someone would get it seeing as he was a bit preoccupied at the moment. Monsieur Apricot was the most well-respected chef in Australia, even though he was French. Well he wasn’t actually French but he thought it gave him more authority in the kitchen. He was a short, bossy man who required respect and loyalty from his staff. He liked to get this by fooling people into believing he was French, with his fake French accent and moustache. Even though he is bossy and sometimes intimidating, he’s actually quite a nice guy; and the kitchen is his life.
“Ah, sir?” asked a timid voice. Monsieur Apricot turned around, coming face to face with his cowardly cook Mr Tweedle. “What!” he bellowed. He had been in the middle of preparing a dessert for a particularly snobby couple and he didn’t like being interrupted. “Um,” Mr Tweedle replied, “we appear to be missing the soup ladle.” “Have you asked Ms Thomas, she is making soup.” “Yes,” said Mr Tweedle. “she doesn’t have it either.” Monsieur Apricot frowned. It wasn’t like his

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