A Short Story : A Story Of The Cat?

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Mornings, the dreaded sunlight always beaming with such happiness with such life giving essence and those fucking annoying birds. So, bloody cheerfully chirping. Chirp. Chirp. Chirp. No, this is nor an entry bit for a “Vampire Novel”, it's about a female detective. Living alone with her many cats and surviving whatever supernatural threat is thrown at her by fate and the adventures Katy will find. Did I forget to mention I hate mornings?! This is why I work the graveyard shift or night shift. So when I say mornings I really mean 10pm to sunrise or nap time. I had to Giggle, at that one. As I am rising from my bed like the dead I look over at the digital brightly lite clock and it blinks at me: 03:35PM Blink. Blink. Blink. The clock blinked at me and I blinked back as in disbelief. What the fuck am I doing up at this hour. I almost shit out a rainbow brick with gold trim. I never wake up this early. Somethings was definitely not right. Rising this early not like me. Even the cats felt the disturbance in the force, Luke – The cat. One of my cats names. Strange, I felt as normal as I usually did, but a change was coming and I could feel it, and I did not like this feeling. And another thing my cats were out to kill me. You'd swear they were out for a death march in a line to kill me. Hike to boys, time to start the death march of miss Smart, boy Katy's early. No more nap time. I picture my cats in soldier garb carrying rifles thrown over their shoulders. There cute and

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