A Significant Experience Analysis

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The most significant challenge that I have faced in high school is my grandmother passing away. She was an amazing woman who helped to raise me as much as she could. As tragic as it may have been her passing actually helped me grow as a person and a student. It helped give me perspective on what my priorities really are. The first thing I did to help me feel better was to think about what I could do with my life to make her proud. What I decided was, I was going to be the best person that I could be every single day. Since I made that decision I have excelled in the classroom, been an outstanding leader on the football field, and get into a better relationship with my savior Jesus Christ. I strongly believe that everything happens for a reason and that one of the main reasons my grandma passed away when she did was to show me that I was not living up to my true potential. Today, I can honestly look into the mirror and say that I like the person who is looking back at me. This has helped me a lot because I miss her every single day but I also know she is looking down on me and is proud of her grandson. I know that no matter how far apart her and I might be we will always be together in our hearts. What I am most proud of about how I came out of this situation is …show more content…

To be completely honest, I have been a complete jerk. When I look back on it I am not proud at all about how I used to treat people. Now I treat people the way I would want to be treated because I have realized we are all equals in this lifetime. Today, I have some very close friends who are people I would not even think of hanging out with before just because they are a little bit different then me. I thank my grandma for helping me to realize that I can be kind to people without them being the cool kids. I love the young man that I have become and the group of friends that I have

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