A Single-Stimulus Preference Assessment Essay

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32. How might you treat an individual’s obesity? (1 point) ANSWER HERE. To treat an individual’s obesity I would follow the procedures outlined in Krentz et al. (2016). I would use the token system method to increase the level of physical activity that the individual engages in. As with other treatments, I would rule out any possible medical issues by seeking a consultation with a medical professional before implementing any treatment. 33. There are two larger categories of prompting. What are they? Name one subtype of each category of prompt. (3 points) ANSWER HERE. The two larger categories of prompting are verbal and physical. Subtypes of a verbal prompts are direct or indirect. A subtype of physical prompts is hand-over-hand guidance. 34. Define primary, secondary, and generalized reinforcers. (3 points) ANSWER HERE. Primary …show more content…

Describe a single-stimulus preference assessment. (2 points) ANSWER HERE. A single-stimulus preference assessment is conducted by presenting a single stimulus to an individual and noting their reaction to it. This type of assessment is generally used with individuals that have difficulty selecting from two or more stimulus choices. 38. What are the four necessary qualities of a good behavioral measure? Name and describe each. (2 points) ANSWER HERE. There are four necessary qualities of a good behavioral measure. First, it is important to know the characteristics of what is being measured. Second, the quality and appropriateness of the tools used to measure have to be considered. Third, it is necessary for the person measuring to have the skill required to perform the task. Fourth, how the measurements are used is an important quality of a good behavioral measure. 39. How do we define a “concept” in our field? (2 points) Hint: this resembles a mathematical equation. ANSWER HERE. A concept is defined as a set of critical properties shared among a number of stimuli. Stimulus equivalence is expressed as: If A=B, and B=C, then

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