A Sound Of Thunder, By Ray Bradbury

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Why didn’t Ray Bradbury cross the road? Because there was a sound of thunder on the other side!
The schmokespear science fiction grand award rewards upon a specific individual who has enhanced the literary culture of science fiction through breathtaking short stories.

Author Ray Douglas Bradbury was born on August 22, 1920, in Waukegan, Illinois known for being one of the most prolific science fiction writers of the 20th century. Bradbury grew up in Waukegan being a voracious reader of fantasy fiction. Bradbury graduated from high school in 1938. He was not financially wealthy enough to go to college due to the fact that it was during the depression, so he went to the local library instead reading such authors as H.G Wells, Jules Verne, and Edgar Allen …show more content…

Bradbury felt that this preoccupation and enthrallment with technology poses a threat to human beings. In the story Bradbury positions the current state of society as the main character Eckels. In A sound of thunder there is a newly built time machine and Eckels perceives this new technology as a means for his enjoyment. His enjoyment is shown when during the path to the dinosaur he “balance[s] on the narrow path and aim[s] his rifle playfully”. However when he is confronted by the dinosaur he loses his nerve and jumps off the path back to the time machine. The team and Eckels arrive back to the present but notices oddness of their surroundings. The suspense builds up when Ray Bradbury explains this oddness as “His flesh twitche[s]. He stand[s] drinking the oddness with the pores of his body”. Then Eckels notices that his one mistake has changed the future. In this story Bradbury is trying to get through to modern society is that when technology interrupts the way of nature, there are lasting

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