Health Benefits Of Marijuana Research Paper

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HEALTH BENEFITS OF MARIJUANA: MUST READ The home to the University of Colorado, Boulder is sited some 25 miles northwest from Denver and sits at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. Boulder has developed into a city full of life and well-known for its natural beauty and healthy daily life. Another reason for which Boulder is famous for is weeds, which are sold for both recreational and medicinal purposes. Pot has only been legalised recently and therefore, a lot of us do not know that weed actually has many health benefits. The main reason behind this is the fact that marijuana comes under the category of a drug, which was until now a banned substance, and the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind when they think about drugs is that they are bad for health, but it is not the truth. The weeds if used cautiously can help cure certain ailments and can be bought legally from the Boulder dispensary in Colorado.…show more content…
• The biggest help that weed does is that it relieve cancer patients from nausea, who are undergoing chemotherapy and help them get an appetite. One of the effects of cancer and chemo is nausea and loss of appetite due to which the person gets weak. Consuming weed in a small quantity helps deal with this
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