A Special Education Math Teacher

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For the last three years, I have worked as a special education math teacher in the facility setting, both in residential treatment, and juvenile corrections. I believe that my work has exemplified the advancement of the values of character, diversity, leadership, and commitment to service. My experiences have also been the driving force that has ultimately led me to seek an education in the field of law.
To meet the needs of students in the facility setting and prepare them for success, a teacher must emphasize and embody pro-social character values including integrity, compassion, tolerance, and hard work. The vast majority of students in these settings have found themselves there due to a lack of appropriate role models, resulting in anti-social behaviors. I believe that my success in these settings, which is demonstrated by several awards listed on my résumé and my promotion to teacher after two months in a paraprofessional position, is due in part to my strength of character and ability to encourage its development in others. Additionally, because character-building is such an integral part of my job, the values that represent a morally responsible adult have become even more engrained into my decision-making process both personally and professionally.
As a special educator, my job has been to embrace diversity where the general education curriculum falls short, and to use it as a tool to develop strength-based approaches to learning. I have learned that students who

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