A Speech On Being A Cheerleader

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Being A Cheerleader
Kaitlyn Woodward
Zane State
Mr. Wilcoxon
English 1500

Cheerleading is more than just dressing up in a skirt and trying to get all the jocks to like you. Many valuable lessons for me have resulted during my time as a cheerleader. Cheer has opened my eyes to many different things over the years. I have learned many different things for cheering for 2 years and till this day I am still learning more lessons about life through cheer. Cheerleading taught me how much dedication is a key to life. Everything we do causes frustration. There are many times I just want to give up and not return to something. Cheerleading showed me you just can’t do that. When the times get tough you just have to push yourself …show more content…

Cheering football season is hard especially when your team does not have a winning season. A positive attitude is key because when you work with others you cannot let one bad thing ruin your whole day. I can remember when we had lost a basketball game by 2 points. We all were so devastated but we could not show it on our faces because we are to make people happy. Also when we were at a football game and we lost to Shenandoah by 5 points, we couldn’t be upset because we had just played the best game ever. Keeping a positive is not always easy and it can be hard sometimes but it does not mean it is not impossible. Cheerleading forms relations among us girls. It creates a lifelong friendship. When I started cheerleading my freshman year I did not have a single friend on the team. I felt as if I was an outcast. By the summer of 2014 I had about 1 friends from the cheer team. Kendra and I became very close. We did everything together. At the end of football season I had made about another friend. Hannah and I did not really hang out outside of cheerleading. To this day I still keep in contact with both of them. Always keep a level head. This is an important lesson for me and I can use it outside of cheerleading. There was a girl on my team that thought she was better than everyone else. This hurt her in the long run because nobody ended up wanting to be friends with her. I can only imagine how she felt. You can use this lesson in everyday life. For example,

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