A Speech On The Day I Lost

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All I can do is sit still as if I 'm paralyzed. I stare straight ahead at the casket in front of the altar. People sobbing is the only thing I can hear. I feel singled out because I 'm the only one not crying. I 've never been able to cry at funerals; That 's one of my quirks. A few days earlier, I was woken up by my mother at four in the morning. Her light sniffles made me feel sick to my stomach because I knew what was coming next. She could barely choke the horrifying words out, "Sammi 's gone." February 21st, 2008, was the day I lost a part of me, and I knew I would always feel like something was missing from me.
It was rainy and breezy when we first arrived at the church. I dreaded having to go in and see her laying there dead. Even though I was only eight, I think I understood death well enough. I knew Sammi would never come back and that I would have to wait until I died to see her again. We walked into the church, signed the guestbook and took a memorial program. We then walked over to the poster boards that were full of pictures and memories. A few pictures of Sammi and me make me have mixed emotions and I wonder how I 'm going to go on without her. A picture of her and me when we had Glamour Shots done together catches my eye. We were about six and we went to my aunts beauty salon. We got our hair and makeup professionally done and we had pictures taken of us in different fabrics draped over us almost like shawls. Our mothers each picked out the fabrics that they…

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