A Statement Of Reform Education Literacy

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A Statement of Reform in Educational Proficiency Pertaining to Bernie Sanders Candidacy
In a recent BuzzFeed article, a freshman at UCLA was asked how his life as a college student was going. "It 's the remix to ignition, there 's no food in the kitchen, my whole life is a mess, I don 't know what 's going on and I can 't afford my tuition". The life of a college student is stressful. Getting to class on time after staying up all night studying and trying to earn a degree on pop tarts and canned potatoes is not an aspect many people dream of experiencing. On top of it all, students endure college with their biggest fear, how they propose to pay for it, because as most students and educators know it 's expensive. So, I 've come up with a backup plan. Instead of going through all this trouble paying for some degree that doesn 't even guarantee me a job after graduation, I 'm going to quit college, become an oven, and get up to five hundred degrees. I 'm joking of course, but it 's an idea that could probably save you a couple of bucks. Paying for college is an eerie and sinister part of life that many Americans are forced to face every day. According to The College Board, almost seventy percent of college students in the United States, the majority being of non-Caucasian decent, do not receive adequate funding and scholarships to help pay for the tuitions at high dollar public universities such as Ohio State, Arizona State and UCLA, and even inexpensive schools such as TSTC.…
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