A Story About A Lady Named Cindy

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I’d like to tell you a story about a lady named Cindy. In this story she is thirty five, a divorcee with two children. She was a methamphetamine and speed addict in high school, and once she became a mother used them so much more. She said it made her feel good, like she could do or be anything and get everything done. It is commonly believed that women more often use this methamphetamines and speed, because they are expected to do all things all the time. They are expected to care for kids, their jobs, cooking and look good all of the time. Speed helped her stay thin because it kills off the feeling of hunger. (SAMHSA)
Looking back on the life she used to have, as she has been clean for 7 years, she is horrified at the things she used to do while on the drug. She believed it made her more focused and energized while she worked at a family fitness center. Cindy would take care of her own children, and other children while high. Additionally, she would drive her car with other passengers. After five years of heavy drug abuse, she was divorced, living on welfare from the government, living in a one room house with her two children, and had a car that barely even ran. On Mother’s day, 1995, she woke up sober, and decided that she couldn’t live like that anymore.
She went to rehab, and several months later, she was clean, and ready to start fresh in the world. She is still recovering, but has been clean for over 7 years. She is now working as a full-time…
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