A Story Of A Short Story

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Signs Meril held up a linen napkin. “Chartreuse?” she said, waving it in front of Harriet’s face. “Huh? That’s what chartreuse looks like?” She pushed a lock of long red hair behind her ear. “No, thanks.” She looked back at the lake. Meril’s sigh was long. “Hair, you have to make these decisions. Your wedding is in five weeks.” With a quick turn of her wrist, Harriet waved her best friend away. “This is just cold feet. It’s natural. Everyone gets a little . . . unsure before the big day.” Meril added the chartreuse napkin to the stack on the table. “I tell you what, I’m gonna be the best darn maid of honour you ever did see. I’ll make these decisions; you relax, and then thank me later when it’s all over—like, thank me big . . . with a trip or something, okay?” “Did you say something?” Harriet forced her gaze to switch from the water to her best friend, Meril. God, she admired Meril, had since the day they met in ninth grade. Meril with her pixie-cut hairstyle, her darling dimples, her white, almost straight teeth. It was impossible to look at her and not smile. She was like a real-life fairy. Harriet, who was red all over from her hair to her freckles to her easily burned toes, needed a fairy to bring a different colour to her life. Where Meril was sweet and confident, Harriet was brooding and shy. Over time, the two opposites became best friends precisely because of their differences. So, when Harriet met Lincoln, she was astonished to find that he only had eyes for

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