A Story Of The Seagull : A Short Story

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“Bye, Charlie! See you next week!” Emily waved goodbye to Charles as he pulled out his little old shrimp boat out of the dock. Charles smiled and waved back to his girlfriend. He continued on. The taste of seaweed filled his nose and mouth. The winds were extremely calm. It was a little unusual as it was the ocean, but Charles didn’t seem to mind. But this was his life. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a premature seagull floating on the water. Two adults flew in next to it. They must be their parents. He yawned and closed his eyes. He only got four hours of sleep that night. When he looked at the seagulls again, the premature seagull was attempting to fly away with a leg missing. Blood flowed through the water. It screamed in pain. It started to sink. Charles watched the drowning seagull submerge. POW! A figure that appeared to be twenty feet long rammed into the seagull at about 20 miles an hour. Seconds later, just a down feather remained.
Rain started pouring down extremely hard. Winds made the little boat’s windows shudder. Charles pulled on his poncho and went outside. A wave slammed into the side of the boat, knocking Charles off his feet. He tripped on the side of the boat and fell over. He latched three fingers onto the stern. He managed to pull himself onboard. He tried to get his net onboard, but something was pulling it down. The boat began to sink. Water rushed in from over the sides. All of a sudden, a creature jumped out of the water, struggling in the

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