A Story Quitting My Job Due to Mistreatment Essay

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Grow Up Already!
Not many people would dare to stand up for what is considered “right” anymore. In Updike’s A&P, Sammy stands up for three girls and quits his job. It all takes place in a town just north of Boston during the 1960’s in a grocery store called A&P where Sammy works. One day three girls walk in with just swimsuits on, which is forbidden, and he just drools over them like the immature boy he is. By the time the girls are ready to check out the manager, Lengel, comes to tell them that their shoulders must be covered. Sammy does not like the way Lengel speaks to them so he quits his job but by the time he goes outside to meet the girls they were already gone. Sammy’s compulsion to quit his job is caused by the girls and his …show more content…

At that precise moment he realized what a terrible mistake he had just made and all for nothing because the girls had already left. He quit his job all because of some girls. Sammy did not think things through and now has to face the consequences of not having a job. All that is left to do after such a mistake is to learn from that experience and not let it happen in the future.
The theme of A&P is about maturity, acting without thinking and standing up for others. Sammy displayed a great amount of immaturity while the three girls were inside the store picking up the Herring snacks for the grandmother. When he first spotted the girls he could not stop looking at them and accidently scanned a customer’s item twice; the customer was infuriated. He described the girls in great detail and gave them nicknames based on how they looked which is a little immature for a 19 year old. If Sammy had thought about his job as he did about those girls he would have kept his job. The fact that he quit his job just because of some girls proves that he is immature. But he deserves some respect because he stood up for the girls when the manager embarrassed and criticized them. This is just something that Sammy had to experience in order to become more mature and learn from his mistakes.
While working at a local A&P quite a ways from the beach Sammy spots three girls in the

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