A Story's Impact on Life in Tim Burton's Big Fish

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A story is not only memorable because of its content, but also because of who told it, the way it was told, and the significance of the tale. The stories we tell or hear are a vital part of life and this is evidently shown in Tim Burton’s film, Big Fish. The film shows the true importance of stories and the impacts they have on everyone. It follows the story of Edward Bloom, as he re-tells his past in unbelievable stories, and the life of his son William, as he tries to deal with his father’s questionable past. The movie shows the usefulness of stories in several ways; they are a person’s legacy, they allow us to momentarily escape reality, and they connect and intertwine people’s lives.
To start off, stories are our legacy; what we leave behind when we are gone. They stay with the people we have influenced and keep us alive in their memories. Through the stories we leave behind, we can remain immortal to those who know our tale. This rephrases what William had said near the end of the film; “A man tells his stories so many times that he becomes the stories. They live on after him, and in that way he becomes immortal.” The stories that we tell are also comforting to those we depart from as it can help with the sadness to think about the life that person had once led. Knowing that they had a good life, and being able to laugh at funny memories is a great way to deal with the emotional pain after losing someone. In Big Fish, during the funeral of Edward Bloom, everyone was

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